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NMS PTSA Edublog is a product of the Northridge Middle School PTSA. The blog publishes information that the PTSA believes will be useful to parents, teachers and students of our school. Some of the information included on this site has been provided by NMS faculty/staff in an effort to keep parents informed about school-related activities.


  • From any NMS PTSA blog page (, click the SUBSCRIBE pop up on the bottom right. Enter your email address in the “Your Email” box.
  • Click the Subscribe Me button located below the box.
  • You will receive an email to confirm your subscription. You must confirm within 7 days or your subscription will be automatically removed.
  • If you have questions/problems, please send an email to

NOTE: Email notifications are for new posts only. You WILL NOT receive a notification when any of the blog pages or calendar are updated, so please visit the site for information related to those matters.

EMAIL SUBSCRIPTION PROBLEMS:  Some subscribers of other Edublog sites have reported that they do not always receive blog email notices when a new blog is posted. Edublog (our blog provider) has been contacted about this problem. In many cases, this happens just on occasion and does not mean that your subscription has been terminated. Unfortunately, a solution for this issue has not been identified.

For subscribers that stop receiving all Edublog email notifications, you may be using email domains that are blocking these blog emails. The blog emails are sent from and domains like,, and can block these emails. If you stop receiving Edublog email notifications from multiple subscriptions and/or for more than a week, you have the following options:

  1. Send an email to with details of your problem. The NMS PTSA blog manager will contact Edublog to determine if your domain has been blocked. If your domain has been blocked, Edublog will attempt to contact your provider to correct the problem but cannot guarantee a corrective response;
  2. Change your email to a Google account which does not block;
  3. Set up Feedburner(RSS) email subscription. The easiest way to receive latest posts from your favorite blogs is to subscribe to RSS using feed readers such as Google Reader, Bloglines, NetVibes. RSS (means Really Simple Syndication) retrieves the latest content from the sites you are interested and pulls them into your feed reader where you can read them all in one location rather than visiting each site separately. You can learn about Feedburner by going to
  4.  log on to each day and read the latest blogs from the site.

EMAIL SUBSCRIPTION REMOVAL: Email subscribers can remove their email address from the notification list by going to the bottom of any NMS PTSA Edublog email notification to where it states “To stop receiving these emails, click here.” Click the “click here” link and your email should be removed from the notification list for this blog.

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